If These Walls Could Speak…

Day Two in London took us to the heart of the Parliament district. We hopped on our beloved Red Double-Decker #24 (beloved, most likely, because it stops about a half block from our hotel!), and enjoyed a partially sunny day with spring-like temperatures. We spent lots of time enjoying the Parliament and Westminster Abbey buildings, taking lots of photos like all good tourists do.

We got a glimpse of The Eye – London’s famous Ferris wheel – peaking from behind a building that intrigued us with its gothic-meets-modern-meets-industrial architecture. Eli was busy snapping photos with his “good camera” (a few steps up from my iPhone X), so I stopped to take a picture of the photographer as well!

Next stop was Borough Market, an open air market that Randy had visited with Jonathan’s sister last December. We could have spent hours there, visiting all of the vendors. Alas, because most of the wares were food, and our tiny hotel fridge does not hold much, we contented ourselves with samples, fragrant drinks (the wassail booth with several pots of simmering fragrant deliciousness pulled us to it like a strong magnet), and then, because we are from The Cheese State of Wisconsin, we sampled and bought some wonderful British cheese (don’t know what it was though…).

Did somebody say “beer?” Across the street from Borough Market to a pub we went, to slake our thirst with another trio of British IPAs…and then across the street again to The Black and Blue to enjoy another round and some much-needed food (to balance all of our beer consumption) from the outdoor patio (yes, the weather was that nice!).

Our trusty #24 did not go to Borough Market, so there were quite a few tube rides during our adventures. Thank goodness Eli thought to get international service for his phone for this trip, so he has been our lifesaver finding the right Tube lines and looking up directions.

At last, we found ourselves back in “our neighborhood” and had one final round at our favorite The Cask (sure to be a daily stop while we are here). I can honestly say that I have not had so much to drink on a daily basis since college! But with eating and miles of walking, it can be done with no ill effects!

Our evening was spent with Jonathan’s lovely family and some friends, and lots of laughing provided by the antics of nieces and nephews. Jonathan’s youngest niece insisted that Randy read her a bedtime story…but lost interest after Page 2…a blow to Randy’s performer heart!!